Cost-effective detection

RAD Systems have developed a cost-effective ground breaking fire prevention and hazard detection system, that works in the most hostile environments.  
Hotspot detection
I  24 hour 365 day cover  I   Fire suppressant activation  I  Off-site monitoring  I  Bespoke alarm procedure settings  I  Multiple alarm response  I  Zone-specific  Security protection 

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Intruder detection

24 hour 365 day cover 

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About RAD

Established over 20 years ago, RAD Systems is a straight-talking family run firm you can trust to provide the highest level of protection for your organisation, assets, and safety of personnel. 

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Giving customers complete peace of mind and the highest level of protection.


We are proud to supply cost-effective UK manufactured products.

Cost-effective products and service

RAD Systems provides cost effective Thermal imaging camera systems that can play a central role in the identifiying of potential hotspots and the detection of intruders. A highly advanced technology  based on a very simple concept: temperature - the typical sign of electrical failures is the rise in temperature.

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Made for the most hostile environments

The RAD System has been developed to function in the most hostile environments.  Allowing hotspots to be found before they can reach an ignition point.

Hotspot detection  I  24 hour 365 day cover  I  Fire suppressant activation  I  Off-site monitoring  I  Bespoke alarm procedure settings  I  Multiple alarm response  I  Zone-specific  I  Security protection 


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