Established over 20 years ago, RAD Systems is a family run firm you can trust to provide the highest level of protection for your organisation, assets, and safety of personnel.

 Our story

RAD Systems is built on a strong father and son combination. Together the Joneses have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise across innovative system solutions from Aerospace to the National Grid and the recycling industry.

Many of these organisatons were searching for a solution that simply was not there and faced high costs without a particularly good performance.

Driven to make a difference, the Joneses initially developed and maintained bespoke CCTV fire detection and intruder projects for the Greater Manchester Waste Authority and other major organisations across an array of industries,  buildiing trust by delivering exactly what was needed, on time and in budget.

With a clear understanding and appreciation of the overall security and fire detection systems available on the market, the Joneses have gone on to develop an unrivalled innovative operations solution utilising thermal camera technology, which  encompasses hot-spot, pre-fire and imminent fire detection, thus eliminating fires before they start, fire suppression, remote control, external and perimeter security in a 24/7 operation which we call the Radiometric Analytical Detection [RAD] system.   

Not only is this an innovative operations solution, RAD Systems can be our customer's first choice supplier of integrated security and facilities solutions since our services are tailored to suit individual budgets and needs without compromising on customer service excellence.

 How we operate

Health and safety are of paramount importance in all aspects of our activities. We have extensive health and risk assessments, but health and safety are far more than just a documentation project. 

The moment a project commences we evaluate health and safety procedure by regular assessment according to current legislation with the express purpose of fulfilling our customer’s remit from planning to installation to completion with the experience which combines safe working practices with effectiveness in any challenging environment.

With health and safety qualifications and as stated constantly internally audit all health and safety aspects of our operations

Work undertaken by our company comes with the assurance that our site management are experienced and trained to comply with all rules and regulations, from planning to install.

Our health and safety measures are done undertaken properly and with the correct intention of effectiveness in mind and not just the box ticking of other companies.

  Our values

Honesty: Honest and working with integrity. Excellence: We are committed to service excellence and achieving competitive excellence. Responsiveness: An eagerness to listen and respond quickly, based on a commitment to serve customers in the best way possible, Identifying needs and recommending solutions.  Straight speaking: We speak honestly in a way that drives each project forward, asking questions, sharing ideas, and raising issues that are necessary for the success of the project.

 Our mission

Our mission is simple we are committed to giving customers complete peace of mind and the highest level of protection, for their organisation, assets, and safety of personnel.

We attain this by providing unrivalled innovative, thermal camera early warning systems. Engineered to empower entire enterprises in deploying robust solutions for the detection of intruders, fires, and identification of potential hotspots.

Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of expertise and transparent values that form the cornerstone of our business - honesty, responsiveness, excellence, and straight talking. Driven by delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction, we exceed expectations.

We meet the individual needs of our customer's specific requirements by evaluating the best possible solutions and being abreast of innovation within our industry and changes within the modern workplace.

 Our vision

Guided by our values, our vision is focused on strengthening our products and improving the way we deliver innovation. Inspiring us to improve the way we work – so we can achieve great things, together.


We are proud to supply cost-effective UK manufactured products.

Cost-effective products and service

RAD Systems provides cost effective Thermal imaging camera systems that can play a central role in the identifiying of potential hotspots and the detection of intruders. A highly advanced technology  based on a very simple concept: temperature - the typical sign of electrical failures is the rise in temperature. 

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Made for the most hostile environments

The RAD System has been developed to function in the most hostile environments.  Allowing hotspots to be found before they can reach an ignition point.

Hotspot detection  I  24 hour 365 day cover  I  Fire suppressant activation  I  Off-site monitoring    I  Bespoke alarm procedure settings  I  Multiple alarm response  I  Zone-specific  I  Security protection.

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