Thermal CCTV cameras

RAD Systems provide one of the most effective, reliable and keenly priced ways to provide 24-7 surveillance, fire and security cover to large areas. 

Our thermal camera system, as well as detecting hotspots and preventing fires, also provides a powerful security detection tool. Thermal cameras work in all weather and can see through dust and smoke in absolute pitch darkness. Conventional cameras are reliant on light to work so can struggle over long distances or at night, even with expensive additional illumination. A thermal surveillance camera, however, detects energy of different wavelength; thermal radiation. This can be detected clearly and reliably at remarkable distances, for many hundreds of metres.



 Intruder detection

Our thermal camera systems offer stable and reliable detection to trigger a bespoke alarm process, ensuring that your site has the best response to any threat.


Thermal cameras also have the advantage of covert installation as they do not require additional lighting or infrared illuminators, (the red rings around normal cameras), that are dead giveaways to nefarious intruders. Our advanced RAD System analysis software is even able to distinguish between the heat signatures of humans and vehicles, meaning that different security responses can be enacted to different threats.

This analysis combined with our RAD filtering allows for false alarm immunity from all manner o sources, such as wildlife and traffic. Ours cameras give alarm responders the confidence that they are attending a real, live incident and prepare to provide the best protection for your site and staff.

Our thermal camera RAD System provides huge range and reliable detection which combines with intelligent threat analysis to provide a very effective and cost-effective solution for your security.



Upgrade your thermal camera system, for unrivalled effective 24/7 protection.

With our RAD filtering. They give immunity from such sources as large birds and wildlife, and radiating heat stored in plant and machinery dissipating over the night time.


Radiometric Thermal Cameras

RAD Systems have developed a ground breaking, specialist fire prevention and hazard detection system that works in even the most hostile of industrial and process environments.

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The benefits of Radiometric Thermal Camera systems are clear; reliable fire prevention, intruder detection and process monitoring across large areas when used with our heavy duty pan/tilt motors. 

High Definition

Our cameras record in crisp and clear video and are able to detect temperature fluctuations to a fraction of a degree.

Live Data

This demonstrates which areas have the highest thermal energy producing the peak reading, in this case the hydraulics and engines of the machinery.